Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's really been one year?

So seriously count the times i've blogged since we got married. Shouldn't be too hard, pretty sure it's only been twice! Wow i'm so lame!

We have reached the one year mark in our marriage, and celebrated with a trip to St. George. It was so nice and sunny i was even wearing shorts, and Carson bought the hottest pair of pants ever! His butt looks so good in them. And to prove my lamness. . . we didn't take any pictures! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME! Oh well, i guess i'll have to work on that. I have the internet at work now so i guess it will be a lot easier:) Well I'm off to another beauty school graduation. No beauty school drop outs here:)


Leanne said...

you guys are making the happiest faces in your wedding pic! HAHAHA Happy One Year!!

akagi79 said...

Sounds like the first year has been good! I'm so glad you updated! LOL! I hope it happens more often!!!!

Natalie said...

YEAH!!! You guys are so cute!! Now that it has been a full year can we see wedding pictures? I haven't seen any of them :)
Congrats on the first year! The rest are just as great :)
Love you guys!

C Stevens said...

you blogged! I'm so glad you have the net now.